The Association for Organisation Development (De Associatie voor OrganisatieOntwikkeling) is a collaboration between independent organisation consultants. We are a group with a marked common philosophy without the formal basis of a collective office. At present the board of the foundation of the Association is made up of two consultants. Parallel to this we also work intensively together with a permanent, growing group of consultants, trainers and interim managers, both national and international (the associates).
All can look back on a long and very varied history in consultancy. What binds the Association so closely together is the willingness to stimulate and to support one another in what concerns disciplines, skills and personal development. We inspire and consult one another, challenge each other to rise to new heights in innovation and to give high standard performances. We also realise the importance of both listening to other points of view and exchanging our ideas networking with colleagues. Although each of us as a rule is responsible for their own activities, we do work together in a number of projects: with one another, with associates and third parties, especially when it can be beneficial for the client.
From within the Association we also form specific networks that can contribute to the development of specific themes or products. The Association for Organisation Development (De Associatie voor OrganisatieOntwikkeling) specialises in consultancy, coaching and training, more specifically the management of civil services, companies and institutions. We count among our clients organisations from the commercial and non-profit sector, civil service, large and small organisations both international and domestic, and also consultant firms.

The partners are, amongst other, member of the International Organization Development Association (IODA).