Direction and Administration of Change

Joske Diesfeldt and Johann Wuestenberg of the Association for Organization Development (AOO) are working for about 15 years in their international network with José Campoverde. Campoverde is a Peruvian consultant who advises large South American companies, both in Peru and other countries of his continent. He has published in his recent book, a concise and fascinating account of 35 years research into Change.
José asked Johann Wuestenberg and some other international colleagues to write a short comment: the quote from the inside flap of the book:




Johann Wuestenberg
Consultant Organizational Development

I have read with much care your research and study results and was very impressed with the thoughtfulness, depth, and applicability of your ideas. The approach is clear to me, as well as the logical and progressive development of the concepts. And I really like the way that you framed your ideas in the theory of Change Management and Administration.

I really liked the categories that you used on the vertical and horizontal axes (ex. involvement and commitment to change, and participation and actions), and also the way that your were able to express the "how" to arrive at "creative individuals" and "creation of wealth". Additionally, I think that the way you developed the purposes/commitments and purposes/productivity has been excellent and thus arriving at visible change area.

I remember our discussions about involvement and commitment and I am very happy to see that you have incorporated this relationship into your theory. Also, fascinating for me is the way that you develop and accompany the structure of the personality and the structure of the power of decisions, it is really helpful for those of us who are reading your work. Congratulations on such deep, thoughtful and useful theory and you are to be commended on your contributions to our field.

Direction and Administration of Change, Summary of the Research Process 1974 – 2010, Campoverde Consultores Asociados S.A.C., INDECOPI n°0879-2000.